Hold an Equali-tea for LGBT equality

Bring family, friends, colleagues, employees, students, staff and pupils together for delicious cakes and inspiring conversation this Stonewall Season by holding your very own Equali-tea for LGBT equality.

It’s simple to organise an Equali-tea. All you need is a teapot (or two), a cafetiere for the coffee drinkers, some homemade treats and, of course, our conversation starters.  You can also order a collection tin for donations towards that cup of Earl Grey or scrumptious slice of Victoria Sponge. Whether set up in your front room, community centre, school, university, local cafe or place of work – we’ve got all the resources you need to make sure it’s a Stonewall Season success, including postersbunting, a rainbow cupcake recipe and more…

Once you’ve decided on a date, time and venue, be sure to list your Equali-tea on our events page which will allow everyone to see the amazing events being held for LGBT equality across Britain during Stonewall Season. Simply head to the events page and follow the instructions to list your event – don’t miss out!

If you’d like to speak to one of our team about your ideas or for some Stonewall Season tips, email stonewall.season@stonewall.org.uk.